AK 47

AK 47 in-game picture.

Cost: {{{Cost}}}
Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: {{{Effects}}}
Damage: 24
Accuracy: 50%
Range: 23 ft
Fire Rate: 7 rps
Ammo: 30x4

For other weapons with similar names, see AKS 74 and AK 12.

The Kakashnikov 1947 is an orange and silver Assault Rifle built for the Medic, and is unlocked at level 29. It is the last purchasable Assault Rifle for the Medic.


The AK 47 is unique for the medic class, having low range. However it's fast fire speed allows it to quickly eliminate enemies at medium range. But it is prominent in all other areas, and is overall a great gun. It's stats are very similar to the Scar's and the G36. However, the AK 47 has less range and greater damage. Additionally, the AK 47 can run out of ammo pretty quickly.


To view an article on the AK-47 from Wikipedia, click here


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