AWP in-game picture.

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Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Assassin
Extra effects: +50% Vision Range
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Ammo: 1x6

The AWP (Arctic Warfare Police), or the Accuracy International L96 is a Sniper Rifle for the Assassin, and is unlocked at Level 29. It is the final Sniper Rifle that can be unlocked and is the most powerful of all in Strike Force Heroes.


It has a high base damage, being able to kill any Assassin. With a headshot, can kill any Medic or Commando. However, it is not powerful enough to kill most Level 40+ Tanks, the Globex Leader, or the Two Creators. However with Vital sight, it deals 304 damage with a headshot, enough 1 shot a level 50 tank (if armor mastery is not present), Globex Leader or Justin. It also features +50% Vision, as an extra effect, to kill from a longer distance. Ammo is, however, as with most snipers, a major issue. You only have one shot per ammo clip, thus only the most accurate and experienced snipers can use this well. However, it is good idea to use the AWP with Bottomless Clips mod, so experienced and non-experienced snipers can train with it because you have unlimited ammo.



  • The AWP is the Custom name of the L115 in SFH3.