Armor 1

An example of some basic, but rusted armor, Kevlar.

Armor is a new feature that appears in Strike Force Heroes 2. It provides extra health, and it can be found in several regions around a map.


Essentially, they provide more health, but with attributes. For example, the Kevlar Vest is the most balanced, but it does not come with attributes.

Another example is the Titanium Plates. They provide a superior amount of Armor, but in consequently they remove health.

Armors Edit

Image Name Ability Engineer Mercenary General Sniper Juggernaut
SFH2 Aerogel Case Aerogel Case Armor slowly regenerates  Yes Yes No No No
SFH2 Blast Plate Blast Plate -30% Damage from explosives and fire No Yes No No Yes
SFH2 Oobleck Armor Oobleck Armor Weak, but armor quickly regenerates No No Yes Yes Yes
SFH2 Kevlar Vest Kevlar Vest Regular balanced armor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SFH2 Magnetic Shield Magnetic Shield +8% chance to reflect bullets Yes No No Yes No
SFH2 Military Jacket Military Jacket +30% Ammo capacity Yes Yes Yes No No
SFH2 Static Exoskel Static Exoskel +15% Melee damage No No Yes Yes Yes
SFH2 Superalloy Vest Superalloy Vest Light armor, +30% health Yes No Yes Yes No
SFH2 Titanium Plate Titanium Plate Heavy armor, -40% health[1] No Yes No No Yes

Trivia Edit

References Edit

  1. Actually is -60%.

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