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The Sniper Loadout would use a sniper rifle.


The Melee loadout would use a Melee Weapon

A loadout is a combo of skills, killstreaks and primary weapons. Assassins usually favor loadouts that prevent them taking damage, such as equipping high accuracy or range weapons like the Jackal so that they can stay further away from enemies, using Shadow Blend to hide while enemies unwittingly slip past them... the list goes on. There are two main types of Assassin loadouts: Sniper and Melee.

The Sniper Loadout

The Sniper loadout is all about staying away from enemies--killing them before they get a chance to fire back.

Jackal+Vital Sight+Surge

This strategy is useful early in-game for its accuracy and damage. The Jackal is a highly accurate weapon at 100% accuracy. When you fire it, the shot will never deviate from the crosshairs. Combine this trait with Vital sight, which is essentially the laser of a sniper rifle that allows you to see where the shot will land, and also gain a 25% damage boost to Criticals and Headshots, and the Jackal becomes a weapon that is powerful and accurate. Combine that with Surge, a killstreak that increases the amount of damage you deal for a short time, and you can easily pick off enemies.

AWP+Shadow Blend+Smoke Bomb

The AWP is the last sniper rifle to be unlocked in game, and for a good reason. It packs so much damage into one shot, that it can easily kill. Shadow Blend is a good ability that turns you invisible when crouching, so you can concentrate on shooting. If for some reason the enemy survives, Smoke Bomb lets you escape. Note - when taking out tanks, dish out a weak shot from a secondary before firing, to use up the iron will of the tank.

Melee Loadout

The Melee loadout is all about staying hidden, with high-damage weaponry, and killing the enemy with one huge, unseen blow.

Katana+Blur+Full Radar

The Katana is the sharpest close range weapon the Assassin has, and it deals a whopping 150 damage to anything that gets hit. However, close range weapons tend to be lacking in long range, thus leaving them with a disadvantage against other players. Using Blur, the Assassin can quickly close in the gap and kill the aggressor off. Full Radar helps you find the next potential kill quickly.

Katana+Shadow blend+Smoke Bomb

The Katana can insta-kill almost any target. Crouch with shadow blend to stalk your prey before striking, and use the smoke bomb to change position or get out of sticky situations. Take a P99 in case you need to gun down a shotgun-toting Tank or a Martyrdom Commando.

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