Attack Chopper

Attack Chopper in-game picture.

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"Chopper inbound!" -said when friendly uses Attack Chopper

"Attack Chopper, take cover!" -said when enemy uses Attack Chopper

The Attack Chopper is a killstreak in Strike Force Heroes.


This killstreak requires five kills and is available for the Medic and Assassin. When activated, a hovering attack chopper will follow you around and fire rounds at close by enemies. If you die before the ten seconds are up though, the chopper will go away. It cannot be used in Foundry or Facility as they are indoor maps.


The Attack Chopper needs to be in close range to an enemy to be effective. Close in on the distance between you and your enemy, then summon the chopper.


-The v1.2 update now allow this killstreak to do 25% more damage than it initially did.