Barrett Game Stats

Barrett in-game picture.

Cost: {{{Cost}}}
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Assassin
Extra effects: +50% Vision

Very heavy, not best to run around with.

Damage: 65
Accuracy: 50%
Range: ?
Fire Rate: 3 rps
Ammo: 5x3

SFH2 Barrett

Barrett in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Sniper
Extra effects: Semi Auto

+50% Headshot Damage, +50% Vision

Damage: High
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Medium-low
Fire Rate: Medium-low
Ammo: 8x3


Strike Force Heroes

The Barrett is a gray-black sniper rifle usable by the Assassin. It is the second Sniper unlocked. Apparently it is very heavy.

Strike Force Heroes 2

The Barrett is a Sniper usable by the Sniper. It has surprisingly low accuracy for a sniper rifle, apparently owing to its weight. It's range is also rather poor. As a result, it is not a very good rifle.

To view an article on the Barrett M82 from Wikipedia, click here


The Barrett is a heavy sniper rifle, so it is not very accurate. Shoot at medium range to combat that disadvantage. However, to make up for its low accuracy, the Barrett does have 5 shots, the most out of any sniper rifle, per clip. It is highly recommended to crouch while shooting, then get back up to run around.



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