SFH Baton

Baton in-game picture.

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Slot: Primary
Type: Melee
Soldier: Assassin
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The Baton is the third weapon that can be unlocked for the Assassin Class.


It has high critical damage like every other blunt melee weapon, while slightly lacking in damage in comparison to blade melee weapons. To view an article on the baton from Wikipedia, click here


Strike Force Heroes

It's rather short so it is necessary to get very close for a kill. It's useful on small stages like the Facility, as it is easier to get near enemies.

It is also suggested to use SMG's with this weapon, for SMG's excel in rate of fire, ammo, and some even in damage.

Strike Force Heroes 3


Baton in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Secondary
Type: Blade
Soldier: All except Medic, Gunslinger
Extra effects: Longest Range
Damage: Medium-high
Accuracy: Highest
Range: Highest
Fire Rate: Low
Ammo: Infinite
In contrast to the previous incarnation, the weapon (now renamed Club) has the longest range of all the melee. Oddly though, it is listed in blade category.



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