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You may be looking for the Beretta Px4.

The Beretta is a Pistol available to all classes as a secondary weapon.

Description Edit

It is the next pistol you get after the USP. It has the exact same stats except that it deals 21 damage instead of 15. It's unlocked at Rank 9 and costs $450 to use, and is also a good pistol for the early levels.



  • Combine this weapon with any low-level assault rifle.

Assassin Edit

  • When you failed to do one-hit kills with your sniper rifle, swap the gun and finish your enemy!


  • Best used with an RPG or a Thumper if failed to kill your enemy.


  • Use it as a backup weapon when your shotgun runs out of ammo in the shootout.



  • The Beretta is the Beretta M9, or 92FS, in real life. The pistol is produced in Italy by Beretta and has been adopted by the US Armed Forces to replace the M1911.
  • The M9/92Fs or the Taurus copies are often seen in action movies, in the hands of heroes or villains, as well as henchmen.


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