SFH2 weapons Bizon

Bizon in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: SMG
Soldier: Engineer, Sniper
Extra effects: Full Auto
Damage: Low
Accuracy: Medium-low
Range: Medium-low
Fire Rate: High
Ammo: 64x3


Bizon in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Secondary
Type: SMG
Soldier: All classes except Ninja, Sniper
Extra effects: Balanced
Impact: 6
Fire Rate: 24
Accuracy: 60
Ammo: 64x Infinity

The Bizon is a SMG of Strike Force Heroes 2 and Strike Force Heroes 3. It typically shares high counts in accuracy, rate of fire, and ammo capacity among the two games it's in.

Strike Force Heroes 2

It has the same clip size as the Patriot.

A weapon available to the Engineer and Sniper classes, the Bizon makes a great spray-and-pray class. It can make quick work of weak enimes, such as Sniper, Engineer, and dual-pistol wielding officers. However, it will need lots of ammo for medium and long-range gunfight. Luckily, the Bizon offers a very large magzine for mowing down enimes. This gun is a great gun for its price and is a great choice for rushing and flanking.

- Review by Zekai

Strike Force Heroes 3

In its third installment, neither the Ninja or (ironically) the Sniper may equip the Bizon. Its incapabilty with the Knight goes without saying. The weapon has been downgraded to a secondary in SFH3, although not sacrificing much effectiveness.

Apparently this weapon is bad because of its lack of damage. However, it boasts a respectable ammo capacity and has one of the highest rates of fire of all secondaries.