Bouncing Betty

Bouncing Betty in-game picture.

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The Bouncing Betty, or the M16 anti-personnel landmine is a killstreak for the Commando class. When you activate the killstreak, a mine, like the one on the photo will appear. Afterwards, if an enemy walks or jumps over it, the mine will go off and explode. However, the enemy can crouch and go through it without setting it off. If you place it, die, and change the class, all before an enemy sets it off (and gets killed by it), the kill will go into whatever killstreak you equipped for the class you are playing. Friendly Bouncing Bettys are marked with a green pulsing light, while enemy Bouncing Bettys are marked with a red pulsing light.


  • Place the mine where enemies on the edges of platforms, where they have to jump (Such as the shelf on the second platform of the map, Facility).
  • Don't place the mine in a duct, since crouched enemies can't activate the explosive.
  • Be careful with your own mine; they won't trigger when you are near, but if you are in proximity when an enemy passes by, you will receive the damage and possibly die.
  • Placing mines where enemies never passes (such as the front end of the train in Speeding/Dormant Train) are useless.
  • Mine explosions can travel through roofs. This can be a concern to both enemies and yourself, as seemingly harmless mines can be set off underneath you by the enemy and kill you and vice versa.

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