Campaign: Boarding Action

Campaign: Boarding Action in-game picture.

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Boarding Action is the thirteenth level of the campaign. The Player gets Shadow to fly him close to the nuke. On the way, Globex soldiers are trying to prevent them from doing so, so they send four paratroopers to destroy the Dropship. The player goes on top of the Dropship to kill any paratrooper getting close for the duration of the trip. When Shadow gets the Dropship close to the nuke, the Player jumps down to it, which is then continued in the next mission.


Intro CutsceneEdit

The Dropship can be seen flying close behind the nuke with the Soldier standing on top of it as 4 Globex MiGs chase the Dropship.

Soldier (Player): Follow that nuke!


Shadow: Sir I'm spotting multiple enemy MiGs on the radar.

Soldier: Ahehehehe, like fish in a barrel!

Globex paratroopers start parachuting down to the Dropship.

After 13 kills for the Blue Team...

Shadow: We're approaching the missile, you'll have to jump!

After 15 kills for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro CutsceneEdit

The Soldier is showed jumping towards the nuke.

Soldier: Here goes nothing...!

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