Campaign: Hide and Seek

Campaign: Hide and Seek in-game picture.

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Hide and Seek is the ninth level in the campaign. It takes place in the facility as Globex's assault has caused the infected test subjects for The Toxin's cure to run amok. The Player and Bull decide to save the Scientist's research on The Toxin as the rest of the Strike Force Squad are being extracted. As they try to save the research, some of the infected start to attack them. The duo kill the infected, obtain the information and escape the facility. In the end cutscene, the Scientist says that he has finally finished making the cure, but wonders how it can be deployed to cure the whole island.



Soldier (Player): Ok men, we need to secure that research before it's destroyed!

Bull: Roger that.

After 25 points for the Blue Team...

Bull: What are these things? Zombies?!

Soldier: Keep your head straight! Whatever they are, they're dangerous.

After 50 points for the Blue Team...

Infected: Brraaagh!

Bull: What, did he just say BRAINS??

After 75 points for the Blue Team...

Soldier: We've almost secured all of the research. That cure is ours!

After 100 points for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro CutsceneEdit

The Scientist can be seen pouring a substance from a flask onto a test tube.

Scientist: Thank you for saving my research. I was able to finish the cure, now we just need to find a way to deploy it...

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