Campaign: Hijacked

Campaign: Hijacked in-game picture.

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Hijacked is the third level of the campaign. The Strike Force Squad is just coming back from suppressing the rebellion in the previous mission. However, a group MiG-29s piloted by unknown forces damage the squad's Boeing 747 cargo plane. They must then fend off four Globex (unknown to the squad at the time) soldiers as the cargo plane is losing altitude.


Intro CutsceneEdit

The same cargo plane from the last mission is seen flying with a Dropship escorting it.

Narrator: With the rebel forces successfully suppressed, the Strike Force heads back to base alongside their cargo plane...

The next scene shows three MiGs firing at the cargo plane.

Narrator: ... when suddenly their cargo plane is attacked and ripped to shreds by unknown MiGs.


Soldier (Player): Jenkins, what's going on here?

Jenkins: They just attacked out of nowhere... I have no idea sir!

Soldier: Well we have 30,000 feet to find out!

After 25 kills for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro CutsceneEdit

The scene shows the surviving Strike Force soldiers parachuting down.

Soldier: That was too close! Looks like the team survived; we'll have to regroup on that island.


As this is a big map, it is good for pistols and high-damage weapons. Note: If you have these weapons, you can use them. If you don't, use weaker weapons of the same type. E.g. Instead of AKS 74, you can use MP5.

Medic: Use a magnum and a pistol, the best would be Socom or Desert Eagle. If possible, use Patriot with Cougar. Use Patriot as your primary while using Cougar as secondary (reversing roles).

Assassin: Use Jackal with Vital Sight and Vector. Because the Jackal has 100% accuracy, it is a good weapon to use. Vector is a fast-firing SMG and is a perfect weapon to use. You can also use Patriot or UMP.

Commando: As this is an early level, RPG, RPD, AUG HBAR, Stinger or Javelin all work extremely well.

Tank: Avoid using shotguns, but if you want to, SPAS 12, AA 12 or Striker are good. The best shields would be Meat, Buckler or Police.

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