Campaign: Intelligence

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Intelligence is the seventh level in the campaign. It has the Strike Force Squad visit the Globex HQ to obtain information about Globex. After the squad captures one flag, Toad analyzes the info to find that the organization is called Globex. This gives Bull slight creeps as he thinks the name sounds global. After capturing all three flags and killing the guards, the squad checks on the files they've obtained. One file shows a video of a mysterious person ordering the destruction of the research facility to stop The Toxin from spreading off the island.



Soldier (Player): It's time to find out who these guys are. Gather as much intel as you can!

Unknown: They're out for our intel, stop them!

After 1 flag for the Blue Team...

Toad: I've analyzed some of the intel. They're an organization called "Globex".

Bull: Globex? I don't like the sound of that. It sounds... global.

After 3 flags for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro CutsceneEdit

A screen showing a list of files is shown.

Soldier: A list of the files we obtained. Hmmm, a video file, this is interesting...

A file called "memo_to_soldiers.avi" is selected, with the next scene showing a shadowy figure with red eyes, the Globex Leader, delivering a message.

Globex Leader: The research facility must be destroyed. We can't afford to let the toxin spread off the island!

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