Campaign: On Rails

Campaign: On Rails in-game picture.

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On Rails is the twelfth level of the campaign. The Strike Force Squad were too late to stop the train from moving in the previous mission. Several Globex soldiers arrive as Toad tries to look for an access panel to stop the moving train. A few moments later, Globex blows the brake to the train, foiling the squad's plan to stop the train. The squad quickly then decides to stop the launch of the nuke. Unfortunately, that plan fails and the nuke is launched. The Player informs the Scientist that the nuke is airborne, but the Scientist tells the Player that if he can replace the explosives in the warhead with the cure, the every infected person on the island will be cured.



Soldier (Player): We've got to stop this train!

Toad: Maybe if we can find some sort of access panel...

After 51 points for the Blue Team...

Riggs: They've blown the brakes, we can't stop the train!

Soldier: Keep looking! There's got to be a way to stop this launch!

After 100 points for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro CutsceneEdit

The nuke can be seen launched into the sky.

Soldier: We're too late, Doc! The nuke is airborne!

The scene switches close to the Soldier's unmasked face.

Scientist: Listen to me: you can replace the warhead with the cure. The explosion will deploy the cure into the atmosphere!

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