Campaign: The Return

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The Return is the tenth level in the campaign. It involves the Strike Force Squad revisiting the GlobeX HQ to obtain more information about them. The Player explains that the information they need is on the main terminal, which is guarded by three GlobeX soldiers. After some fighting, the GlobeX soldiers start deploying Bouncing Betties and another GlobeX soldier arrives to help the three enemies. After more fighting, another GlobeX soldier arrives, bringing the number of enemies up to 5. The squad defies the increased resistance and is able to reach the main terminal. After browsing through the info, the Player sees an order for a nuke to be launched, which would kill everyone in the island if it explodes, preventing the virus from spreading.



Soldier (Player): All that's left is the intel on the main terminal. But we'll need to eliminate them all to get to it.

Toad: Yes sir!

After 14 kills for the Blue Team, another Globex soldier arrives to help the Orange Team.

Globex: Requesting backup! Use your landmines!

After 22 kills for the Blue Team, one more Globex soldier arrives to help the Orange Team.

Globex: More backup! Now!

After 30 kills for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro CutsceneEdit

The Soldier is seen in a horrified expression while looking at a monitor.

Soldier: They're going to launch a nuke to destroy the island and... the entire country. My God...

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