Shotguns are weapons that fire a volley of pellets that, while on their own are weak and ineffective, can pack a punch when in groups. There are 4 types:

  1. Double barrel, which means a high rate of fire but only 2 shots
  2. Semi-automatic, which have medium damage and ROF
  3. Automatic, which have weak shots and a fast fire rate
  4. Pump-action, which deal massive damage and a slow rate of fire

They are very inaccurate and have poor range, but within effective range they are the most lethal weapons, apart from sniper rifles. The are available only to the tank, which makes him a close range powerhouse; incredibly high health with massive damage up close makes him nearly unstoppable. Only melee weapons rival shotguns power at close ranges, but only at extremely close quarters. They are also only available to the assassin, which has low health. However, in their short effective range they can still dominate shotguns under the right circumstances.

They are the best for taking out other tanks, with shotguns or shields.