Challenge 1: Double Agent

Challenge 1: Double Agent in-game picture.

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In this challenge, you are situated in the high-action Caverns map. It is a team deathmatch, with four players on each team. Set at difficulty level 'hard', there is an added catch which will increase the difficulty and unpredictability of the level. The teams are randomized every ten seconds.

Tactics Edit

In order to beat this challenge, there is no particular loudout which will prevail over others. The main thing to focus on is to be able to both kill enemies, and to be alert for when your friends betray you. Every ten seconds, when the teams are scrambled, there is an alert on the top of the screen saying that the 'Teams have been changed!'. Use this in order to predict when a teammate might turn.

A cheap tactic on this map is to hide behind teammates while they are under enemy fire. Let them take the damage, and at some point they will change teams and you can finish them off with something as weak as a machine pistol.

Do not chase enemies as they will eventually change teams, and all the damage you dealt to them will become futile.

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