Challenge 2: Kevlar

Challenge 2: Kevlar in-game picture.

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In this level, you are situated in the large map Hijack. It is a deathmatch with seven people including yourself. This level is set at 'hard difficulty' but kills will be even more difficult to obtain once an enemy has achieved a Kevlar Vest. All players in this fight can obtain Kevlar Vests by killing enemies.


The best weapons to use in this level are powerful ones. You are required to deal massive amounts of damage to chew through the armor of enemies. Enemies such as tanks become near invincible, and snipers become less of a pushover. Combined with their high-damage shotguns and snipers, you will be destroyed in a matter of seconds, unless you too have a Kevlar Vest.

At the beginning of the level, nobody has a Kevlar Vest. In order to come on top, you just have to get the first kill. The Vests support killstreaks, and generally the first to get a kill will find it easiest to prevail.

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