Challenge 7: Golf Season

Challenge 7: Golf Season in-game picture.

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In this challenge the player is forced into close-quartered melee combat with eight angry infected golfers all holding Nine Irons on a Dropship. The level is unreal and is a team deathmatch but you are the only one on your team. The opposing team starts with 16 kills, while you have 0. The enemies drop by parachute in the beginning and after dying.


Because the enemies use melee weapons, it is suggested that you use the Tank, for his shotguns can easily adapt to the very small map that is the Dropship. His killstreak Ricochet is also good for the level because the enemies will always come at you using the Nine Iron, so the hits will just be deflected back.

Assassins can also fit in with the harsh map, due to their stronger melee weapons (Such as the Katana or Machete).

Commandos can also fight well due to their explosives being able to harm several enemies at once. It's also recommended that if you use the Commando, you should use Bouncing Betties as well, due to their large explosive radius.

Medics do not necessarily have weapons that fit in the environment. But they can still fight strong, as their assault rifles and magnums can pack quite a punch.

By standing on the very left tip of the airplane's wing with any of the classes, the player is beyond the reach of all the enemies but enemies that are still parachuting.

It is also noticed that all enemies do not step onto the cockpit's tip or the tail, so you can step onto the tip of the map and blaze away. They all have low health so you should reach 20 without any deaths. But if you are about to die, it is recommended to jump off the dropship instead of getting killed by an angry golfer, because the golfers only need 4 kills to win.

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