Challenge 8: Ninja Assault

Challenge 8: Ninja Assault in-game picture.

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In this challenge you are placed in the Hijack (Dawn) map and you battle ninjas in a team deathmatch, with you by yourself like most other challenges. The ninjas are unreal and wear the Globex skin for Assassin and have various melee weapons plus the Improved Shadowblend Skill.
Hijack (Dawn)

The battlefield for Ninja Assault.


Ninjas can turn invisible, so use your Killstreak to help even the odds. Full Radar lets you view the enemies on your map, but not in-game. Use this to your advantage against these stealthy killing-machines!


These Ninjas have very low health, Katanas, and can kill any Assassin with one shot. Using melee weapons is not effective, since these Ninjas will easily outsmart and overpower you. However, using

The other version of the Hijack map.

a Sniper Rifle with Vital Sight will help you see the Ninjas.

The Medic is useful for this bout. His Magnums will be able to kill most Ninjas in two shots, if lucky, and his Assault Rifles can lay heavy fire, hopefully finding a Ninja.

The Commando, using any Machine Gun and Ammo Feed, will be able to find those sneaky Ninjas easily. A good way to use a machine gun or assault rifle with the Commando or Medic is to just go to one end of the map and spray.

The Tank can easily survive hits from the Katana, and will easily be able to retribute, because of his shotgun.

Combat TacticsEdit

Shoot everything.

It's useful to use a rapid-firing weapon, even with low damage. As long as it's fast. Ninjas have very low health, which should help you out.

Use your Killstreak as often as you can. This will help you the most in the level.

You can see Ninjas regenerating. If you do, kill them.

Shoot everywhere, randomly, especially where you will step at. You may be lucky enough to find a Ninja.

Also, you must jump continously. Many times, ninjas might attack you right when you jump and you fight another of those perky creatures to defeat.

The Javelin and the Stinger both track Ninjas, and the Javelin can one-hit kill them, making them both use-if-possibles for this mission.

When Ninjas die, look out for them re-spawning. They will become visible for a second before returning to their invisible state.

Also, it is noticed that Ninjas will camp on the same position - always. Most of times, you

A hack: the commando is using Full Radar and is ready to shoot an enemy on the other side of the wreckage using a mini-gun.

will find them at spawn points or near places the player would expect (e.g. close to the supply zone in the upper plane).

Ninjas can take medikits and ammo, making them disappear; use this to know their position.

If you have a shotgun, don't usually shoot everything you see, because of low ammo. Instead move onto the jeep and wait. A ninja should be somewhere near you. Then jump onto the loading place and shoot the first ninja you 'see' using regeneration or re-spawning.

Trivia Edit

  • The description spells Ninjas as 'Ninja's', which is incorrect.

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