Colt 45
SFH Colt 45

Colt 45 in-game picture.

Cost: {{{Cost}}}
Slot: Primary
Type: Magnum
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: None
Damage: 58
Accuracy: 70%
Range: 35 ft
Fire Rate: 3 rps
Ammo: 6x4

The Colt 45 is a Magnum for the Medic.

Description Edit

The Colt 45 is like the 357, only with 10% less accuracy, although a lot more damage and a range equal to the Needler.

Details Edit

The Colt 45 comes with a grey scheme, a black grip and a bulky design, like a large caliber.


It can be swapped for the improved .44 later.

Gallery Edit


  • Despite it being a Colt Single Action Army, it looks like a different revolver all together.

To view an article on the Colt Single Action Army from Wikipedia, click here


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