Crossbow (Secondary)

Crossbow (Secondary) in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Secondary
Type: Pistol
Soldier: All except Juggernaut, Mercenary
Extra effects: Most Accurate
Impact: 55
Fire Rate: 3
Accuracy: 85
Ammo: 1x Unlimited

For the Sniper rifle in the original game, see Crossbow.

The Crossbow is a new hand-held pistol in Strike Force Heroes 3. Its somehow not classified as a pistol, as it has the highest damage of all weapons of its class, but its not described as 'Highest Impact'.

In-Game Edit

While having excellent accuracy and damage, its 1 size clip make it comparable to a sniper. It can be used as a high-accuracy compliment for your shorter-ranged, lower accuracy killer for your Dual primary.

Its Custom version is the Bolt Sticker, that has a chance to electrocute enemies with every shot.

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