DSR-1 in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Sniper
Extra effects: Bolt Action

+50% Headshot Damage, +50% Vision

Damage: Extreme
Accuracy: High
Range: Very high
Fire Rate: Very low
Ammo: 4x3

For the Experimental weapon in SFH3, see DSR1 (Experimental).


The DSR-1 (or DSR1 in-game) is a Sniper Rifle that appears in Strike Force Heroes 2. It specializes in power and accuracy. It, however, lacks rate of fire and ammo.


Being very similar to the Intervention, it has excellent damage, accuracy, and range. However, the rate of fire and ammo fall short, so pistols or machine-pistols do well with this gun. Likewise with almost every gun, Throwing Knives work fine as well.


Enemies who use this gun are slightly more lethal than those with the Intervention because the rate of fire is slightly faster. But they can still be taken down easily with homing weapons or arching weapons, to shoot over walls, slopes, etc.

This gun, along with the Barrett, is used in the SFH2 challenge known as Doom Fire.

Trivia Edit

  • It is reincarnated in the third game as a weapon that fires small grenades in an arch-pattern that has a chance to slow enemies.



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