DSR1 (Experimental)

DSR1 (Experimental) in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Experimental
Soldier: Elite & Sniper
Extra effects: Slows down enemies
Damage: Medium-High
Accuracy: Medium-Low
Range: Varies
Fire Rate: Slow
Ammo: 60x2
For the Sniper rifle in the previous game, see DSR-1.

In Strike Force Heroes 3, the DSR1 is an Experimental weapon that can be equipped by Elites and Snipers.

Tactics Edit

In-Game Edit

With its arching shots and explosive shells, it's more like an Explosive weapon. It has the extra effect of being able to slow enemies, making it an effective weapon to weaken distant enemies and make them easy pickings for your team. However, like every AoE weapon, it can effect the user as well if shot close enough to your proximity.

Navigation Edit

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