Sfh2 abilities2

Dex possible game sprite


Sfh2 mercenary

Dex, the mercenary

Dex is a member of the Strike Force introduced in SFH2, until he goes rogue during Campaign Mission 8 in the second game. Because of the cloning of the heroes, even though his original died, his own clone is an available unique hero in Strike Force Heroes 3.

Dex's default appearance in SFH3

He is a Mercenary, and specializes in machine guns and explosives in both games.

In Strike Force Heroes 3, he always comes with the fitting 'Disliked' flaw, making killstreaks require 1 more kill to receive.


He is first shown as a rough man, having a gruff voice. He is also depicted as physically fit. All of his Body customization show his muscles in one way or another. In the third game, he always wears the army cap and the Rambo chest, but remains tough-looking and muscular.


  • He is a "lone wolf", according to the Mercenary's biography in a Development post made by Sky9.

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