Doctors of Doom
Street Map

Map used: Street.

Mode: Team deathmatch.
Teams: 5 vs. 5
Score to win: 15
New class. (Normal)

Rare Weapon. (Hard)

Unique Hero. (Insane)

Enemy level:
4. (Normal)

14. (Hard)

32. (Insane)

Doctors of Doom is the first map under the challenge mission category, it, as all challenge missions, are skippable and it's not necessary to complete to advance in the map. Also, it's the first map using the Street map. It is very similar to the Self Experiments challenge mission in the first SFH.

The unique hero that you will get in this mission on insane is Mayday. If you pass it at all, the Medic will be added to the different classes you can recruit daily(in-game).


The mission preview states that "Enemies have super healing". So you might want to use higher-damage weapons to decrease the time that your enemies will be able to recover their health.