Dooty Launcher
SFH2 Dooty Launcher

Dooty Launcher in-game picture.

Cost: Varies with Slot Machine
Slot: Primary
Type: Special
Soldier: All Classes
Extra effects: "Gross"

"Covers target in uh.. Gross"

Damage: High
Accuracy: Moderate
Range: Medium-low
Fire Rate: Medium-fast
Ammo: 5x6
The Dooty Launcher is a joke weapon from Strike Force Heroes 2.


It can be won on the slot machine, with 3 poops. It looks a bit like a bazooka, but it shoots like a grenade launcher (projectiles are affected by gravity). When you shoot, there's a fart noise, the same noise as when you get 3 poops on the slot machine. It is more powerful than the Sheep Cannon.

On the side of the gun, there is a drawing of poop and flies.


  • It looks like a homemade pile of junk and a bag of poo.
  • It shoots like a grenade launcher, but projectiles doesn't bounce. In fact, it acts like an XM 25.
  • When you shoot, there's a fart noise.
  • When it hits the target it has a chance to cover them in poo (they appear brown). When this happens it does the same damage as being covered in Acid.
  • When you kill a target, his ragdoll will be knocked back with unthinkable force.