Two Elites

For the hero class in Strike Force Heroes 3, see Elite (class).

Assassins are elite soldiers that have the ammo (and symbol) of a Commando, the weapons of a Medic(M4), and the skills of an Assassin(laser sight). They can only be found in Level 3 of Challenge mode, and wear Commando Globex Skins. What makes them elite is how they are Insane Bots, with a mix of three classes. Even though they are a mix of these three, they carry those classes' weakest attributes: The Medic is not famed for its weapons, but for its Killstreaks and balance. The Commando's ammo is almost never noticed, and the Assassin's skills did not make him well-known. However, these guys can rip you apart if you aren't good at aiming.