Nathan the Engineer's profile.

"Construction or destruction."

"Let's get technical!" 

- The Engineer


The Engineer is one of the available Soldier classes in Strike Force Heroes 2  and 3, replacing the Medic of Strike Force Heroes 1. He is adept at using assault rifles and SMGs and has the power to deploy technological contraptions he makes.

In the start, the Engineer will use an M4A4 and a USP in SFH2 and a Honey Badger with a Tac 45 in SFH3.


In Campaign, the Engineer's name is confirmed to be Nathan. He uses a Famas and Battle Turrets. Nathan also has leadership in him, where he tells the Strike Force what to do during certain occasions.

The Engineer is a well-rounded class, for his assault rifles are a balanced weapon. Although he can use SMG's as well, the assault rifle is a preferred choice due to it's better range, accuracy, and power. The Engineer excels in defeating Juggernauts and Mercenaries with his medium range weapons. However, the Engineer has low health, so a Mercenary with an Explosive can defeat him quite easily.

Not only do his weapons fight well, but his killstreaks can do almost as good. His turrets are his signature contraption; they do decent damage at a slightly short range. He also makes Combat Drones which follow him around during their given time. He can stack drones, which can significantly up the ante.


The Engineer's playstyle is Support. His turrets and well-ranged weapons defend his team and can do moderate damage on the offense.

Strike Force Heroes 3Edit

The Engineer returns to SFH3 as one of the 9 Soldier classes to play. He is the first class to be unlocked. His weapons of choice are Rifles (Assault Rifles) and Explosives which in the start, is equipped with a Honey Badger.

Similar in SFH2, his killstreaks are turrets. There is the Shotgun variant and the Rocket variant.



The original teaser image that indicated the development of Strike Force Heroes 2

  • If the Engineer has a gadget deployed, as the Engineer dies, so will the machine.
  • With the Efficiency passive skill equipped, Combat Drones only take 2 kills to build. It will massively increase the amount of drones you can stack.
  • Repair Bots originally healed 5x faster, but it was nerfed to 4x due to it seeming overpowered.
  • It COULD be possible he was one of the infected in the first one and was cured. As he knows about the "Alpha squad."
  • In Raze 3, as a Premium content bonus, a player can select a soldier with Nathan's skin.
  • Nathan, the Engineer can be seen as a mind controlled being in the story line cutscene at the beginning of SFH3.
  • Nathan is unlocked as a Unique Hero in Strike Force Heroes 3.

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