Facility is map in Strike Force Heroes.

It is a facility located on an island far off the ocean, and is used for scientific experiments.

The map is the setting for the missions "Under Siege", "Siege Under" and "Hide and Seek".

It is also the setting for the challenges "Man with the Golden Gun", "Self Experiments" and "Meet Your Makers".

The challenge "Self Experiments" good to farm in because you can get up to an unlimited amount of kills. With the Assassin class, it's very easy to rack up EXP using the AWP which can one-shot any scientist that comes near. 

The ammo resupplies near both spawns allows players to take cover if low on health or reloading. 

This map features secret alleyways that cannot reached in Quick Matches, however, a rare glitch allows you to trespass the door (where a dead soldier is seen) and can even pickup the health next to him. 

This map also features a room which displays most SFH weapons, categorized in each type.  

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