Globex Skins

Globex Skins

Factions are the groups in Strike Force Heroes. They are the following:

Strike ForceEdit

The Strike Force is the playable faction through out most of the game. Consisting of two known squads, this is the second largest faction in the game.

Special ForcesEdit

The Special Forces Faction is not seen in the Campaign but is seen in many of the Challenges. Their main color is white and they can be worn as a skin in the Soldiers Section. They are allied with the Strike Force.


Globex is the first faction you encounter in the game. They are the main enemy for most of the game and are the biggest faction as well.

Research ScientistsEdit

The Research Scientists are a small faction in the game since all of them were slaughtered in-game. The Scientist though is alive but not really part of the group, being a sleeper agent for Globex.They appear in white lab coats and seemed to have been capable of offering resistance to Globex with small arms used primely by Medics.


The Rebellion is a minuscule faction in the game. Comprising of Militias residing in South America, this group are unrivaled masters of ambushes and guerrilla warfare.They are first encountered attempting to erect an outpost in a secluded region in Rebellion. Equipped with a few of the latest military hardware, the rebels don flecked red uniforms and balaclavas. While being an irregular force, they can prove a match for any Strike Force amateur. They play a small role in the game but are a notable faction.


The Infected play a large role through out the game. They are infected with the Rage Virus and are in very large unknown numbers. They are not "zombies" although they look like them. They have a virus that makes them lose control, filling them with uncontrollable rage.

Military PoliceEdit

The MPs in the game have a blue uniform but play a small role in the game. They appear in game as Jenkins and Jenkins only. They are allied with the Strike Force.