Factory is a snowy map in Strike Force Heroes 3. It takes place in a snowy abandoned factory. The map is small, making it very easy to play in and leveling up. This is also where the first mission takes place as to player learn the basic gameplay mechanics.


The map design is very common. It mostly has these metallic railings used as walking platforms, crates and a deep hole in the center.

Left SectionEdit

There is an air vent above used as a passage way for sneaking in to the room when not get notice by enemies. It also very useful for Capture the Flag. A standing box structure can be used to camp while enemies mostly go under it.


Has an energy fueled hole that if players accidentally fall in, Lights out!

Right SectionEdit

3 Platforms are seen and used within this section. Going underneath can be useful as to most of the action takes place above. A small crate obstructs player passageway and lines of sight. A truck allows players to get on top of a small rocky cliff at the very right leading to the third platform(Highest) It is still possible to get to it from the second highest platform.

Item LocationsEdit


  • Right Section - Second highest platform.
  • Left Section - On top of a crate.


  • A Flag - Right Section, on top of standing platform.
  • B Flag - Left Section, second highest platform.
  • C Flag - Left Section, underneath third platform(shortest)

Trivia Edit