Overview Edit

The map design is one of the largest in the game.

Left Section Edit

There is a gently sloping down stair path with 2 levels of rock ledges above it. There is also a health pack near the end of the ground slope. The staircase path ends, and a lower, flat stone level continues the path down.

Center Edit

The rock ends revealing the dirt underneath. In the very center there is an elevated block of stone. Above it, there is a flat platform of stone with two crates near its right side.

Right Section Edit

The stair layer slopes in the opposite direction of the other side, and there are 5 erratically-sloped platforms above it, of roughly 2 levels.

Item Locations Edit

Health Edit

  • Left Section - On the end of the staircase.

Ammunition Edit

  • Right Section - The fifth platform in.
  • Left Section - The second, top-level platform from the left edge.

Domination Edit

  • A Flag - Left section, toward the middle of the second platform.
  • B Flag - Left side of the center platform.
  • C Flag - Right Section, ground level, under the furthest in platform.

Gallery Edit


Composite image of the map

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