Overview Edit

The Furnace the the smallest map, guaranteeing that firefights will happen often.

Left Section Edit

There is a moderate slope down made of metal that leads you to the center field.

Center Edit

The slopes fall off a ledge, but there are two more gentle slopes of sheet metal that meet in the middle. Above it is a flat platform that is easily jumped on from the ground floor. Above this one to either side are two more bent platforms, that peak in the middle and fall off to the center platform and the slopes on either side.

Right Section Edit

Same as opposite.

Item Locations Edit

Armor Edit

  • Center Section - In the middle of the bottom platform.

Ammunition Edit

  • Right Section - The very right edge of the slope.
  • Left Section - The very left edge of the slope.

Domination Edit

  • A Flag - Center, top left platform.
  • B Flag - Very center of the ground level.
  • C Flag - Center, top right platform.

Gallery Edit


Composite image of the map

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