G3 in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Sniper
Extra effects: 3-Round Burst

+25% Headshot Damage, +50% Vision

Damage: Medium
Accuracy: Medium-high
Range: Medium
Fire Rate: Low
Ammo: 15x3

The G3 is a weapon that appears in Strike Force Heroes 2.


This weapon, despite being an assault rifle in real life, is classified as a Sniper in-game. This is the only sniper that fires in 3-round bursts.


This weapon fires in a 3-round burst and has high ammo. The G3 is unique in comparison to other sniper rifles, yet it can still be superceded by many of them. But this rifle is good if you want a fair mix of ammo and damage.

This is also good with the skill Overkill, as the ammo and 3-round bursts can be deadly with tons of damage adding up on top of each other.

The G3 would be recommended to be used with pistols, as the G3 slightly lacks damage in comparison to some pistols. As always, Throwing Knives are excellent as well.


No person in specific uses this during Campaign or Challenge mode, but the random AI's who use this can be taken on easily with a Juggernaut or Mercenary, as the damage won't be enough to kill them.