G36 in-game picture.

Cost: {{{Cost}}}
Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: None
Damage: 18
Accuracy: 50%
Range: 30 ft
Fire Rate: 7 rps
Ammo: 30x4

For the SMG variant in SFH2, see G36C.

The Heckler and Koch Gewehr 36 is an Assault Rifle for the Medic, and is unlocked at Level 17.


It has similar stats to the M4. It can be seen as a cross between the M4 and the Scar/AK-47, as it has some of the accuracy of the M4 and some of the high power of the Scar and AK-47. It works great for a well-rounded playstyle, having good accuracy and good damage. (But it should have better accuracy and range as it has a 2x optic sight hidden in the carrying handle).

Details Edit

The G36 comes with a grayish finish, and the hidden optic sights in the carry handle. (Which is not seen or used in the game.)


Since the G36 has low range, try to take out enemies at short range. It can fire pretty fast and does a good amount of damage to any enemy. It is the best weapon against Assassins, since you can take them out on high points. However, beware if your enemy is using a Melee Weapon.

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