Garbages are useless features in Strike Force Heroes 2 and 3 that serves as a bad-luck prize in the Slot Machine. They are only seen when the slot machine puts 3 poops in a row, which makes a fart sound and the trash appears.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

When selected, the game says "This item is terrible...", and the only options are Don't take or Sell. The item itself will lock the slot machine if isn't removed, so it must be sold anyways.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit

There's three poop items in this game, and they cannot come with prefixes as well. You have no choice but to sell it, because you can't even buy anything else or re-spin the machine.

Garbages Edit

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

Image Name Description
SFH2 Empty Bottle Empty Bottle There's no map in this one
SFH2 Fish Bones Fish Bones Not as tasty without the meat
SFH2 Old Boot Old Boot You would LOSE armor by equipping this
SFH2 Riot Shield Riot Shield Oops, shields were removed from this game
SFH2 Sock with Hole Sock with Hole Not good for foot warming
SFH2 Tin Can Tin Can It's sardineless
SFH2 Turtle Shell Turtle Shell Aim for the guy in first place

Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit

Image Name Description
Doodiepoop Doodie Gross... Why is this even in the slot machine?
Oldvideogamepoop Old Videogame A videogame? Who places videogames anyway?
Oldcomicpoop Old Comic There's a wrinkle in it, so it's not worth much.

Trivia Edit

  • The Riot Shield is a reference to a weapon type from SFH, the Shields. These are originally used by Tanks and probably these are replaced by Armors. In fact, this item is based on the Riot, the first shield in the mentioned game.
  • The Turtle Shell is a reference to the item in Mario Kart games, which is launched by a bad-position racer to hit the first one in the race, as explained in the description.
  • Strangely, in the second game, garbages can appear in a rusted form, which is status unavailable for every weapon, attachment and armor in the game.
  • The "Old videogame" icon is an Atari cartridge of E.T., as a direct reference to its obscure reception and subsequent failure, to the point of being considered "one of the worst games ever made".

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