"GlobeX...I don't like the sound of that. It sounds.....Global." - Bull

''You don't get it do you? GlobeX isn't just out for us. They're global! - Dex

Globex (or GlobeX) is a private military company/terrorist organization that is the main antagonist in the campaign of all three Strike Force Heroes games.

Not much is known about the background of this group, but they have powerful and widespread influence. This is proven by the fact that they have their own military force and the possession of nuclear warheads. Their name also has the word "Globe" in it, indicating that their influence is "Global" as Bull puts it. As a hired mercenary group/terrorist organzation, they dress uniformly and in black.


Later in Strike Force Heroes 2, they are revealed to be clones of actual soldiers, such as Beta squad. In SFH3 the scientist has taken control as the Globex leader is presumed dead (however, he is revealed to be alive in the last cutscene).

In all games except SFH3, the Globex Leader is the commander of the organization.

Globex TanksEdit

Globex relies heavily on their Tanks. This may be due to a unique ranking system they use. As evident, their rank system's experience are actually the amount of HP they have. That explains the absence of Globex Assassins in many missions, because of the lowest health of theirs, as-well that their Tanks are (for most missions) the squad leaders, it`s also greatly proven by how Globex sends in only Tanks in the "Plan B" Level, and how one of their reinforcements for level 10 is an elite Tank (Insane Bot).


These are the missions they participated in the first game's campaign:

  • Missions 1 & 5: Eliminate all Scientists in the Facility. Took all intel.
  • Mission 3: Kill all members of the Strike Force.
  • Mission 6: Stop the Strike Force from getting the Cure.
  • Mission 7 & 10: Defend their HQ at all costs!
  • Mission 8: Facility needs to be destroyed, continued aggravated assault.
  • Missions 11-15: Launch the Nuke and defend it from the Strike Force!

Leaders of GlobeX Edit

  • In SFH 1 & 2 the leader of GlobeX is the GlobeX Leader (and his clones).
  • In SFH 3 the leader of GlobeX is the Scientist.
Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 8.49.13 PM


  • The computer from which the Strike Force team retrieved the intel seems to be a personal computer as it contains personal items like a grocery list, dancing cat .gif file and a company Christmas photo. This is an easter egg put in by the developers as a joke.
  • The Globex soldiers can be compared to The Helghast from The Killzone Series to some degree; Both follow extreme orders, they do not think of the lives at risk for both sides, and they both share certain physical characteristics (black armor, distinct red eyes shown with Globex's tank units)
  • The GlobeX tanks in the first game look like Storm Troopers of the Star Wars franchise, but with different colors.
  • In the third game, GlobeX brainwashed the members of Beta Squad.
  • There is a real world company called Globex, but it is not a private military corporation/terrorist organzation.

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