GlobeX Mech

The GlobeX Mech

The GlobeX Mech is the robot that appears on missions 14 and 15 of Campaign (Clean Up and Last Hope) in Strike Force Heroes 2. It is controlled by the GlobeX Leader, and contains enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet, as well as a several weapon system in it.


The Mech has several abilities that are activate on missions 14 (Clean Up), 15 (Last Hope) and challenge 14 (Too Many Mechs). If the player allows the mech to kill him, the weapon's name are revealed.

Clean UpEdit

  • Death Laser- use a laser ray that follows the player for a few seconds.
  • Stomp- the Mech stomps and creates a small earthquake. It can be dodged by jumping on the same time.
  • Rippers- heavy machine guns on the Mech shoot at 2 moving targets that are marked on the screen.

Last HopeEdit

SFH2 Campagion Last Hope

The top of the Mech, as seen in Last Hope. NOT final destination.

On this mission, the player stands on the Mech head.

  • Death Laser- a vertical laser on the lower part of the Mech is operated. It isn't an instant kill but does enough damage in a few seconds to be kill you. It can be dodged by jumping on the left or right platforms.
  • Hunter Missiles- 6 missiles are shot from one of the platforms on the side of the game (3 missiles each few seconds). They follow the player for at least 10 seconds and are a bit hard to dodge, but posseses low-homing capabilities. They can also be reflected with a Katana, but it requires good timing.

Too Many MechsEdit

On this challenge you stand on top of one of the mechs while another targets you in the background. All the attacks in the other two levels can be used - sometimes at the same time.


  • Stomp: If you pause during the "Stomp" attack, then it will continue doing it. This means that you can jump, pause, wait for the stomp to end while you stay in the air, then resume. Even with the game paused, however, you will still take damage if you are not in the air.
  •  Laser: The laser will also continue if you are paused. It will not do any damage if you are paused this time, so you can pause and wait for it to end without taking a hit.