Glock 18
Glock 18

Glock 18 in-game picture.

Cost: $3,700
Slot: Secondary
Type: Machine Pistol
Soldier: All
Extra effects: None
Damage: 11
Accuracy: 20%
Range: 20ft
Fire Rate: 10rps
Ammo: 22x5

Glock 18
SFH2 Glock 18

Glock 18 in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Secondary
Type: Pistol
Soldier: All
Extra effects: Full Auto
Damage: Low
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Low
Fire Rate: Medium-high
Ammo: 20x4


The Glock 18 is a recurring weapon in the Strike Force Heroes series.


Strike Force Heroes Edit

It is a Machine-Pistol available to all classes as a secondary weapon. It is unlocked at Rank 30 and costs $3,700 to use.

It is a fast firing machine-pistol. It is unlocked late-game, and is somewhat inaccurate. It is therefore effective at close-range.

The value of the Glock 18, like most machine pistols comes from how many shots they can fire in a short amount of time. Due to their inaccuracy, close range is where they will be most effective.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

Now this weapon is labelled as a pistol. Among the "machine pistol" pistols, this tends to have the worst accuracy.



  • The Glock 18 seems to be modified with an extended magazine in SFH2.