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Sanchez from Strike Force Heroes 3.

The Gunslinger is one of the 8 available Soldier classes and is one of the 4 newest classes in Strike Force Heroes 3. She is the second class to be unlocked and is the first female character to play as. She also has an unlockable Unique hero, by the name of Calamity, who is dressed in a traditional cowgirl outfit. She pays homage to the Gunslinger class in the game Super Monday Night Combat.


Sharing similarities with the General, she mostly utilizes Duals and Sniper Rifles. She starts with the BM9 Duals. She mostly acts as a support class with her unique killstreaks: Critical and RoF Boost, both increasing their respective stats by 50%.


There are two versions of this class. One looks to be in a leotard uniform wearing a beret and high combat boots while the second looks more like a soldier. The second wears a police style upper and lower uniform with a beret as well as combat boots.


  • The first one is modeled after Cammy from the street fighter series while the second appearance closely resembles to the uniform of Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil game franchise.
  • The Gunslinger in SMNC is a cowgirl who wields a sniper rifle and a (single) revolver. She goes by the same name and appearance (Calamity) and is possibly what this character was based off.