SFH2 weapon Intervention clear

Intervention in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Sniper
Extra effects: Bolt Action

+50% Headshot Damage, +50% Vision

Damage: Extreme
Accuracy: High
Range: Very high
Fire Rate: Very low
Ammo: 5x3


Intervention in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Sniper, Gunslinger
Extra effects: Low Detection
Damage: High
Accuracy: Very High
Range: {{{Range}}}
Fire Rate: Low
Ammo: 6x2

The CheyTac Intervention is a Sniper Rifle, featured in Strike Force Heroes 2 and 3.


Strike Force Heroes 2Edit

The Intervention is a Sniper usable by the Sniper. It has possibly the highest damage and accuracy among all sniper rifles in the game. However, its weakness comes from a rather poor rate of fire and clip size in comparison to other rifles.

Strike Force Heroes 3Edit

In Strike Force Heroes 3, the custom version is called the Rehab and is used by Justin in the very last challenge, La Devs De La Muerte.


For this gun, it is recommended you use a fast-firing secondary, for the Intervention has a very slow rate of fire and a low ammo count. Throwing Knives work well with this gun as well, due to its long range and damage.


In the game, Jyn, an ally of the Campaign mode, uses it, typically with a Laser Sight. He excels with it as he can usually gain the most kills in the game.

In game, this weapon is a deadly force, for enemies can take advantage of its damage and range. Yet enemies who use this can be taken down quite easily because the rate of fire is their weakness.



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