Ion Cannon

Ion Cannon in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Experimental
Soldier: Elite, Sniper
Extra effects: Chance to poison enemies
Impact: 60
Fire Rate: 21
Accuracy: 60
Ammo: 80x2

The Ion Cannon is a new weapon introduced in Strike Force Heroes 3.

The Ion Cannon is the Experimental-class weapon that is unlocked by default. Elites have this as their base weapon. It has very decent stats all-round. With its respectable damage it can take out most enemies within a few shots, and has a large ammo capacity as well. It can even poison those it comes in contact with, increasing output potential. It shoots pretty mildly for automatics as well. The catch is though, the blasts only go out to a certain range - stopping after a set distance and does no more damage beyond that, much like a shotgun.</p>