SFH Javelin

Javelin in-game picture.

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Slot: Primary
Type: Explosive
Soldier: Commando
Extra effects: Fires homing missiles

"Extremely accurate coming capabilities, but low ammo."

Damage: 115
Accuracy: 80%
Range: 40 ft
Fire Rate: 2 rps
Ammo: 1x4

Javelin in-game picture.

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The Javelin is a weapon appearing in the first two Strike Force Heroes games.


Strike Force Heroes Edit

It is an explosive for the Commando. Is a rocket launcher with homing capabilities but low ammo and a high damage level. It performs similar to the Stinger, but with low ammo and similar lock on capabilities. It has higher damage, but ammo is harder to find. However, when used correctly, it can easily take down many tanks at once, which is very useful in Campaign. When you are Level 50 Commando with the skill of Ammo Mastery, your Javelin can store twelve rockets. With a Desert Eagle it is very deadly in the Caverns, where you can jump up on the waterfall, strike an enemy, jump back down again and repeat. You are close to the Ammo Boxes and when an enemy approaches you, crouch and use your pistol. This is an extremely useful combination, so when used correctly it can give you the upper hand in many fights.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

Reappears as a rocket launcher available for the Mercenary. Again, is still a low-ammo weapon, but the homing capability is excellent.

Details Edit

SFH Edit

The Javelin appears in a traditional green/grey scheme, with a yellow/black stripe at the rear. A large scope is mounted above the weapon, intended to lock onto a target.

SFH 2 Edit

It retains the same scheme as the previous one, but the scope is removed and a radar is placed at the side of the weapon.


With its high homing capabilities, try to use it on high points and on maps where there are ammo spots. It is best to use it with level 30-50 soldiers because of higher ammo. It has a massive range for an explosive, so use it on big maps, not on small ones like the Dropship where you can suicide. It has a mere 5 shots (one in the magazine, four in reserve), so one must choose a solid secondary, lest you tend to stay near ammo boxes.



  • The Javelin is called "FGM-148" in real life.


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