Justin G.

Justin Goncalves


Justin Goncalves

Justin is the game creator, along with Mike. He has created many games and the Sky9Games website and forums. He can be fought in the last challenge of each game in Meet Your Makers, ??, and Devs De La Muerte.

Strike Force Heroes Edit

Description Edit

Justin Goncalves is one of the final bosses of the game. He is a Commando, holding a minigun. He somehow managed to reach level 55, when the maximum was 50.

He doesn't wear a shirt, and has a huge smile on his face. He has the Assassin's Blur skill, and the Medic's Rapid Regen killstreak.

Strategy Edit

Justin is a little bit easier to kill than Mike, even with Blur. Pester him at range with a pistol or another fast firing decent ranged weapon, or blast him with heavy damage. Wait for Blur to wear off, then finish him off. For the next thirty seconds Blur won't be active, so he can be taken out easily at range. The Facility is fairly cramped though, so he can easily get close if you're not careful. If he does get close, his Minigun can take you out with the accuracy of the minigun (only 10%, but high if he gets close).

Facing Justin with a melee weapon is suicidal, but can do some very real damage, in particular the Katana.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

He is fairly similar but he also has the ability to change his weapon as the player gets more and more kills. He can wield the minigun or even the Intervention.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit

Description Edit


Justin in the third game

He's a Ninja that is wields a Rehab, and a Jericho; the Custom Intervention and Desert Eagle. He wears a pair of crazy goggles, a wizard hat with shirt and sneakers, and a red vest.

Strategy Edit

He has lower health than Mike, being able to killed in 1 shot by high-tier weapons. However, he should still not be taken lightly. He follows the same killstreak path as Mike, this being Reflective Shield, Shadow Blend, Rapid Regen, Wall Hack, True Form and finally Double Weapons.


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