Air Strike 1

Killstreaks are when the player kills a certain amount of enemies in a row without being killed. They can be anything from automated attacks to effects that benefit your entire team.

Killstreaks are defined for each class, but all classes have the Surge Killstreak. The Medic and Assassin have the Attack Chopper killstreak while the Commando and Tank have the Air Strike killstreak.

For SFH 2, however, each class has their own killstreaks. Depending of the set, the Engineer is machine support, the Mercenary is auto-support, the General is team support, the Sniper is stealth support and the Juggernaut is elemental support.

In SFH3, each class has only 2 unique killstreaks that are randomly generated upon recruitment.

List of KillstreaksEdit

Strike Force Heroes Edit

Medic Edit

Assassin Edit

Commando Edit

Tank Edit

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

Engineer Edit

Mercenary Edit

General Edit

Sniper Edit

Juggernaut Edit

Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit

Engineer Edit

  • Shotgun Turret
  • Rocket Turret

Gunslinger Edit

  • Critical Boost
  • RoF Boost

Medic Edit

  • Rapid Regen
  • Kevlar Vests

Juggernaut Edit

  • Flame Armor
  • "I'm the Juggernaut"
  • Vital Bomb

Ninja Edit

  • Deadly Shurikens
  • Smoke Bomb

Mercenary Edit

  • Ghost Weapon
  • Betsy

Sniper Edit

  • Wall Hack
  • Aim Bot

Elite Edit

  • Death Ray
  • Satellite Beam

Knight Edit

  • "I'm the Juggernaut"