Knife in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Secondary
Type: Blade
Soldier: All except Medic, Gunslinger
Extra effects: Fastest Fire Rate
Impact: 35
Fire Rate: 21
Accuracy: 99
Ammo: N/A

For the version in Strike Force Heroes, see Combat Knife.

The humble knife returns in Strike Force Heroes 3. Wieldable by all heroes except Medics or Gunslingers, this incarnation retains the basic comparative stats of its predecessors.

In terms of damage, the combat knife is outdone by all, even the Stun Baton. Conversely, no other melee weapon can lay strikes on it's opponent quite as often as the Knife can, making melee is the most forgiving when it comes to maintaining the offense on an assailant in range.

Probably a call out to the SFH2 version of the knife, the Custom variant is named the 'First Blood', with a 30% increased chance of a critical hit.

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