While loading and before the main menu starts, tips for Strike Force Heroes 2 appear in the screen. They are show one by one in a slider at the bottom, and are randomally ordered. This article list these tips.

  • You can win extremely powerful weapons from the Slot Machine!
  • Camos can only be unlocked through the slot machine.
  • The Shop resets with new items after every match.
  • Attachments work with certain weapon types. Make sure not to get the wrong one!
  • Each item can be Broken, Rusted, Normal, Refined, Flawless, or Perfect.
  • Perfect weapons have unique modifiers, such as Elemental ammo, or Improved critical chance.
  • Broken and Rusted items are lower quality than usual, and have lower stats.
  • Refined and Flawless items are higher quality than usual, and have higher stats.
  • Higher level items are much more powerful than their lower level versions.
  • Some Armors offer less armor, but unique effects, such as more ammo or regeneration.
  • The Engineer is great for medium range assaults.
  • The Mercenary works best on his own.
  • The General has excellent team supportive killstreaks.
  • The Sniper is excellent at long range, but very vulnerable to damage.
  • The Juggernaut is a true powerhouse at close range.
  • Right mouse click works during fights, you can configure it in the options.
  • Any EXP you get in game, will give you 5x that much as Funds!
  • Capturing objectives will give Exp and Funds!
  • If a match is too difficult, try with a different Soldier or Weapon type.
  • Enemies are randomized. A hard match may become easier after a few tries.
  • Armor will protect your Soldier until it breaks. It will respawn when your Soldier does.
  • After 3 seconds of not being hit, your Soldier automatically starts regenerating health.
  • Replay the game on harder difficulties to level up your Soldiers further!
  • This game auto-saves everything you do. Leave and come back any time!
  • All weapons feel slightly different. Find the one best for you!
  • You can Backup your save files in the save selection menu.
  • Fire will heavily damage enemies over a short period.
  • Acid will lightly damage enemies over a long period.
  • Freezing enemies heavily lowers their attack speed.
  • Electrocuting enemies lowers their damage output.

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