Not to be confused with the M4.


M4A4 in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Engineer
Extra effects: Full Auto
Damage: Medium-low
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Medium-low
Fire Rate: Medium
Ammo: 30x3


The M4A4 is the starting weapon of the Engineer class in Strike Force Heroes 2. As an assault rifle, it is suitable for most situations, and is balanced overall. It is statistically unique like the M4, and has no upgraded variations.


  • It is actually a M4A1.
  • The starting weapon of the Engineer and the Medic (Strike Force Heroes equivalent) are different variations of the M4 series.
    • Although mostly called Assault Rifles, the baseline series of M4 rifles (including the M4A4) are, in fact, carbines.

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